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Why Choose Monai?

At MONAI, our people understand the need to make our customers happy.

Enthusiasm and Integrity are the key characteristics at every level of the company and our dynamic human resource is the prime factor why our customers enjoy working with us.


Virgin Atlantic whose GSSA is Monai Cargo and Courier Company Ltd won an award for Best Cargo Airline for the year 2009.

Mission & Vision

To be the best in the globe and adhere to the principles of honesty and fairness in all dealings with clients.


Our organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is our ultimate competitive advantage






Our Businesses


MONAI SWAT INVESTMENT LIMITED is a boutique hospitality management company which strives to challenge the status quo and established order.


MONAI TRAVELS AND TOURS LIMITED is an incorporated organization conceived to effectively respond to the changing face of international travel business in the Nigerian environment.


MONAI CARGO AND COURIER COMPANY LIMITED (MCCCL) established in 2006 is one of the leading GSSA’s in Nigeria, carrying freight, mail and cargo traffic to over 70 destinations in more than 40 countries.


MONAI OIL AND GAS LIMITED is an oil and gas company.


MONAI NIGERIA LIMITED is a property and real estate company.


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No 1b, Mao Tse Tung Street,
Off Jimmy Carter Street,
Abuja. Nigeria.


0803 346 2179; 01-4044741

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